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Co-Founder Kari Marthinussen is performance, leadership & culture coach (Norway and internationally) inspired by neuroscience.
Co-founder of TheHeartMeter, an assessment development tool giving insight to the employee’s heartfelt experience of meaning, thriving, feeling valuable, empowered and engaged in contributing to the company`s mission.
Lecturing in Leadership & Coaching at HSH, University College of Southeast Norway.

Passionate about emotional intelligence in leadership behavior, empowering communication and interaction, about what should change to unlock the potential in all employees and how to take a step forward to make that change.
Many years of experience from commercial executive positions, business development, performance/leadership development both in Norway and internationally and from executive boards.

Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) from CTI/International Coach Federation, ICF.
International training in the field of Neuroscience based leadership & development.
Holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration and a Master’s of Science, University of San Francisco.

Co-Founder Tonje Elisabeth Aarøe has worked as an Executive and Industry Manager in companies like Microsoft and Google with clients from all types of industries. She is a bestselling author and passionate about digital transformation, automation of work processes and engaging people in your company when it’s going through change processes.

She has a vast practical experience in change leadership and business transformation through her work in the above mentioned companies as well as having lived and worked in different countries and cultures for several years; for Orbitz Worldwide in Paris, France and Elizabeth Arden in Geneva, Switzerland.

Tonje Elisabeth is passionate about helping the people in your organisation in the areas of attaining purpose and drive, motivating and excelling in a changing environment as well as improving results.

She has a Masters of Marketing Management from BI, Oslo, am a Certified Prosci Change Management Practitioner by Prosci, Certified NLP Practitioner by The Change Corporation and also a graduate of Mastery University by Tony Robbins.

In 2016 Tonje Elisabeth was a speaker at Tekna’s Leader Conference and at Durham University Business School for the MBA program, in UK (amongst top 5 Universities in the country).

Partner Dr. Sut I Wong is currently Professor in Communication and Leadership at BI Norwegian Business School. She completed her PhD in Organizational Psychology. She has been a visiting scholar at SCANCOR, Stanford University and Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and University of Ljubljana.

Sut I is currently leading (together with Professor Christian Fieseler) an approximately 1.3 million EURO research project funded by Norwegian Research Council on Fair Labor in the Digitized Economy. In addition, she also provides consulting and training services to organizations in area of leadership and HR management. Her research interests include industrial democracy practices, characteristics of job design, leader-follower relationships, human resource practices for individual innovative and proactive behaviors. Her more recent research looks into industrial relations practices for digital labor and alternative labor arrangements. Her work is extensively published in top-tier journals such as, among others, the Journal of Management, the Leadership Quarterly, and Human Resource Management.

Besides her extensive research and consulting experiences, she also provide workshops on areas such as Leadership, High Performance Team, Organizational Communication, Cross-Cultural Communication.

Scientists globally warn about the effects stress has on employees and encourage companies to teach their employees to manage stress better. When an employee feels satisfaction and enthusiasm about his or her job, it “turns on” all learning centers in the brain, providing a greater focus, creativity, innovation, inspiration and smarter decisions.

A positive work environment is a prerequisite for people in any company to be proud ambassadors.

Companies with engaged employees have 6% higher profit margin (Towers Perrins) and 5 times higher shareholder returns over a 5-year period (Kenexa).

​According to Hay Group; Engaged staff in a good working environment will:

  • ​increase KPIs by up to 60%
  • contribute to increased profit by 4.5 time
  • staying in the company, 54% more likely
  • live relatively to expectations, 50% more likely

When we know that disengagement directly affects corporate earnings, its troublesome to find that only 13% of the global workforce is engaged at work (Gallup).

We have found that global, leading and innovative companies focus on areas that are combination of what we call; The Five Dimensions of Innovation.
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